SMARtt - softproofware

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SMARtt - softproofware

Oliver Kammann

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SMARtt - the new way to proof

SMARtt.softproofboxThe SMARtt softproofware offers the user a powerful application to hardware-calibrate suitable TFT monitors, accurately visualize and validate print data from within the same application.

SMARtt combines the key requirements calibration, validation, visualization and communication in an easy to use software package. No other programs such as browsers or viewing plug-ins are required.

SMARtt provides a visually and measurably highest quality of color accuracy equal to a digital proof, while achieving an even better match of print data to print output especially in the area of spot colors.

When compared to a conventional digital proof, SMARtt can easily and effectively show separations and overprint behaviour of individual colors. SMARtt also enables the visualization and immediate comparison of different output profiles and rendering intents.

Important meta data such as fonts, PDF version information and calibration parameters can be displayed alongside every proof. An optional preflight module controls PDF files on data integrity and content. With these features alone, SMARtt softproofware already offers a real benefit when compared to a printed proof.


Significant cost reduction

SMARtt can be implemented anywhere in your workflow and provide significant savings on consumables and transport costs. Many of todays conventionally produced proofs are used solely for internal purposes. Costs for these proofs can usually not be forwarded to the end customer. By employing SMARtt in your workflow, many superfluous paper proofs can be saved.



Although SMARtt is conceived as a stand-alone application, it is equipped with all tools necessary to enable communication between all process partners quickly, flexibly and cost neutral.


Spot colors and screened data

SMARtt uses native Adobe PDF technoloy to vidualize print data without error. To achieve the highest precision when displaying and comparing print data to a printed product, SMARtt only uses the original PDF artwork files also used for subsequent RIP output. NO low-res files such as JPG, Flash or other formats are generated or used. Thus, misinterpretation of the data contained in the files both in terms of content and color representation are avoided. 


Supported operating systems

SMARtt is available for both Microsoft and Apple operating systems.

Currently, SMARtt supports the following OS releases:

Microsoft: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista SP2, Windows 7 SP1

Apple: Mac OS 10.6.x, 10.7.x, 10.8.x


Plug and Proof - SMARtt Softproof

SMARtt enables a very simple and easy calibration of a softproof system. The user can select between predefined presets, which can be individually adapted to the specific requirements of a customers production workflow.


Validation and reporting

SMARtt validates your print data based on the actual printing process and according to ISO standards. A digital version of the mediawedge V3 is meassured and validated on the monitor. The quality of measurement and validation is comparable to a printed proof. The results of every validation are recorded locally and can be archived together with the print files. Even at a later stage, documents can be displayed and reproduced with the exact same parameters as were valid at the time of their initial validation.

Modular design


SMARtt modules are designed with with specific functions for different sofproof requirements for photographers, agencies, publishers and printers. All modules can be easily installed and activated at any time. The following modules are currently available:


Supported hardware

SMARtt is a pure software application. To build a complete softproof system according to the Fogra standard, suitable monitors, normlight and measuring instruments are required. With suitable hardware a total system can be configured that will meet and exceed the stringent standards set by the FograCert Softproof System. Currently, the following hardware is supported by SMARtt:

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SMARtt 2.5.5 is now released and available.

Please contact us for your brand new SMARtt 2.5.5

Coustomers with a Service- & Maintenance Plan will get this update for free!